Stefanie read from her work at Storyscape Issue 13 Launch Party in NYC

Stefanie joined other contributors to the current issue of Storyscape Journal earlier in November in a reading at the Cake Shop NYC.  See her recently released story “Shorn” here.  At the reading , Stefanie read her story “Venus de Madre,” available here.

Stefanie at the New York reading.
Stefanie at the New York reading.

Storyscape aims to collect stories of all kinds: ones that adhere to form and ones that don’t, ones that really happened and ones someone invented, ones steeped in tradition and those that are a-traditional, ones that make you cry and ones that make you wet your pants, ones a writer labored over for days using a dictionary, a computer, and an MFA to craft, and ones someone overhead at the bus stop. You may call it a poem, but we call it words with spaces. You call it a book review, but we call it a story about another story. You may swear every word really happened, but we still call it a story.

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