The Morning After

The Morning After

I am struggling to maintain my world view. I am distraught, my faith in humanity deeply shaken. I am terrified of the pain that will be inflicted upon all of us, but especially those least prepared to bear it. And yet, even in the despair, I think–I hope–I can still see the glimmer of light that reminds me that somehow, in a way I cannot yet imagine, love will emerge stronger than hate. I feel this in a quiet corner of my heart, even though at this moment I can’t see it clearly in my mind. I do not know what this emergence of love will look like. Will we recognize it when it comes? It is going to be a long, long while until these glimmers burn bright enough to illuminate the dark places of pain, fear and hurt. Grief feels like the right word for this paradoxical need to both sit in the dark and beat away the shadows.

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