Stefanie Levine Cohen’s stories touch the heart of the reader because they speak to issues that so many of us live. These stories gather emotions and thoughts on a deeply personal level that allow the reader to explore some of their own responses to life’s challenges. The responses to her stories on our web site have been most gratifying and we await the possibility of sharing more.

Rabbi Richard F Address, D.Min


I’m still holding my heart after reading Stefanie’s remarkable story. It is so warm, so human, so touching, so real. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Melanie S.

Just plain WOW! I was anxiously anticipating reading your writing. . .and I wasn’t disappointed. It did tug at my heart strings. While reading this my eyes were welling up and my heart was full. . .one of your fans.

Sharon W.

Stefanie Levine Cohen is, quite simply, a beautiful writer. Her lyrical storytelling is characterized by an understanding of the human spirit that is both sharp and tender at the same time. Every reader can find something that resonates personally in each story.

Deborah N.

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